The Commission’s role is to oversee, monitor and regulate the implementation of the Meghalaya Right to Public Services Act, 2020 in the State.

In order to do this effectively, the State Public Service Delivery Commission may take steps to :-

  1. develop and organize campaigns and programmes to advance the understanding of the citizens, as to how to exercise the rights contemplated under the Act;
  2. encourage public authorities as deemed appropriate to participate in the development and organization of programmes referred to in clause (i) above and also to undertake such programmes themselves;
  3. promote timely and effective dissemination of accurate information by public authorities about the notified services and timelines and the processes for applications, and penalties therein;
  4. train the nodal officers and designated officers and other public servants, as the case may be, of their duties under the Act;
  5. compile a guide containing such information, in an easily comprehensible form and manner, as may reasonably be required by a person who wishes to exercise any right specified under this Act;
  6. update and publish guidelines referred to in clause (v) above at regular intervals which shall, in particular and without prejudice to the generality of the clause (v) above, include:-
    1. The objectives of the Act;
    2. The manner and the form in which application for the services shall be made to the Designated Officer or appeal shall be filed to the Appellate Authorities;
    3. Any additional regulations or circulars made or issued for obtaining services in accordance with the Act.
    4. Measures to improve the efficiency in the delivery of citizen related services.

Central Monitoring System (CMS)